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Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training


I provide custom training solutions for companies, big and small, tailored to fit your unique approach and needs. I help clients nationwide with an emphasis on the San Diego, Irvine, Ventura County, Santa Barbara & LA (Los Angeles) areas in the following programs and technologies:

A typical training for your company includes the following:


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Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training
Starbucks Coffee Company

I’ve actually been meaning to send a formal thank you for our training. Having an Acrobat class focused on my team’s specific needs was better than any training I have taken in the past 5 years. So often a good percentage of information is not applicable and it’s hard to pay attention or really see the value. Taking this class has improved the file hand-off with our print vendor and is also helping us prepare to post our tools online. We all really had fun as well – what a bonus to be able to laugh and enjoy the 6 HOUR TRAINING. That hardly ever happens.

Lindsey Luoma
Visual Communications Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training

Brian did an excellent job on his keynote speech. The feedback was very positive coming from an audience ranging from the typical user to the high end user of Acrobat.

XEROX needed a keynote speaker fluent in the latest PDF and Adobe Acrobat technology – someone who could also speak to the issues of the graphic designers and print production professionals in the audience.

As an Adobe Certified Instructor in the last four versions of Acrobat, including 6.0, a print production professional with 9+ years of experience, and a frequent Adobe consultant, Brian’s knowledge, experience and natural speaking ability were a perfect fit.

Jane Erickson
Production Color Systems Analyst
XEROX Corporation


I get invited regularly to speak at conferences and seminars hosted by Adobe, AIGA, HOW, and many more. I’ve also hosted dozens of webinars for my company, as well as Adobe, MacMall, PC Mall, Adobe, as well as other national and local industry organizations.

Here’s a listing of talks I’ve given over the last few months, both live and online.

  1. HOW Interactive: Designer/Developer Discord 11.13
  2. AIGA Honolulu: Overview of Adobe Creative Cloud 10.13
  3. AIGA Honolulu: Overview of Adobe DPS 9.13
  4. Phoenix Design Week: 5 sessions 10.13
  5. Salt Lake Design Week: 2 sessions 10.13
  6. Berkely Pattern Design Guild: Adobe Muse 10.13
  7. Adobe/Visual Media Alliance: Creative Cloud Overview 9.13
  8. AIGA Phoenix: Intro to Adobe DPS 8.13
  9. MacMall Webinar 8.13
  10. Webinar PCMall: Overview of CC Teams 8.13


Thanks! Awesome job on Thursday… I work all day on TV graphics and can’t wait to get home to work in Dreamweaver. I used to not want to touch a computer when I got home at night, now I am fired up!”

Seminar attendee
New York seminar attendee

I attended your recent Dreamweaver/CSS seminar in Philly. First, I’d like to say that it was incredibly worthwhile. I learned a lot of valuable information and tips and you were thoroughly entertaining. I would highly recommend this to anyone working with Dreamweaver.”

Seminar attendee
Philadelphia seminar attendee

Just wanted to say that I thought your [Getting Started in Dreamweaver and] CSS seminar in Boston yesterday was among the best seminars I’ve ever attended. The whole day was chock full of great information and educational nuggets. As I told my boss this morning, I went in saying “I can never do that,” and left a few hours later clearly convinced that “I can do that.” You stripped away the initial fear and hesitation… that allows me to jump right in and get started with new projects.”

Michael K.
Boston seminar attendee


I started developing sites in 2000, and have continued learning and using the latest technologies, platforms and content management systems (CMS) ever since. I offer full service web development, from the first bit of code (or WordPress or other installation) through the finished site. My sites are fast and reliable, built with the latest, most audience-appropriate technology.


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